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Mental Health Counselor

Assignment: At least 250 words, APA format; please be sure to cite relevant sources

Pages 152 (see attachment) of your text shows a Table of Tests used by various types of counselors. However, state regulations vary on what their license authorizes a counselor license holder to do. Research your state regulations for the license you are seeking and list what, if any, instruments you would be allowed to administer & interpret in your state.   BE SPECIFIC about what your specific role can be with assessments in your intended setting. Some you might administer but not interpret, for example.

See the attachment for the regulations for the State of Texas. As a Mental Health Counselor, It doesn’t list what can be allowed however, it states what test are prohibited. This can be included in the write up. Also, include that the Beck Depression/anxiety is a assessment that is allowed.


The Table of Tests shows that counselors use the Beck Depression Inventory.   This test is posted in this week’s coursework folder.   Examine the test and then research it’s reliability and validity.  Is this a test that is reliable and valid for use with diverse clients?  Why or why not?  How would you advocate for culturally fair tests for clients in your future practice of Mental Health Counselor?

See the following attachments for this part of the assignment:

Beck description

Beck description p2

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