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mgt 330 week 4 discussion 1

Explain how the concepts from Locke’s goal setting theory can be incorporated into Vroom’s expectancy theory.

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Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory is comprised of four components – Relevancy, Focused-Prioritization, Persistence, and Strategic Development – which, if implemented and executed properly, carries the probability that an individual will increase his/her motivation to reach and accomplish organizational objectives and/or personal goals. Likewise, Victor Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation increases the possibility of an individual or organization to complete tasks based on his three component expectancy –Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence. Considering both of these theories improve task completion, however, incorporating the Locke’s Goal-Setting Theory and Vroom’s Expectancy Theory would yield positive outcomes. For example, while at UPS I incorporated the expectancy theory with goal setting theory. Although my motivation was to move into a top-level management, there were several

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