MGT 380 Week 3 Discussion 2

Does the leader impact organizational culture or does organizational culture impact the leader? If you were the leader of Zappos, what new elements would you add to the corporate culture? Explain.

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According to Weiss (2015), “Zappos is one example of what leadership experts call a strong and perhaps unique organizational culture” (Section 10.1). I believe that the leader impacts the organizational culture. Several employees react to their leader. If the employees see their leader behave a certain way, then they will eventually adopt those behaviors. The leader needs to walk the talk and exhibit exceptional behaviors in front of their employees all of the time.

Zappos follow the clan culture. This culture is great because it fosters the family environment however, it is important that the company continue to stay innovative to keep its employees engaged to maintain their exceptional tenure. If I were the leader, I would develop an incentive program to reward

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