MGT 380 Week 4 Discussion 2

What is the role of leadership as it relates to vision, mission, and strategy in an organization? Give specific examples.

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According to Weiss (2015), “Mission defines who we are, Vision defines where want to go and Strategy defines the process to help us get there” (Chapter 9,Section 9:1). Leaders are a key component of an organization. Leaders are the ones who hold the key to Vision, Mission, and Strategy. It is critical for a leader to have a vision, establish a mission statement and create a strategy that is clearly defined for its followers to adhere to. Leaders are the ones charged with finding ways to explain each one of these in a way that their followers can understand. According to Weiss (2015), “All strategies must stem from a solid foundation of vision, mission, and core values…where we are going, what we stand for, and what we believe. Only then can we know how we are going to proceed (strategy) and what to do (implementation)” (Section 9.3). Leaders need to create a culture where it is okay to ask questions. If you are an aggressive leader no one will ever want to approach

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