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mgt 415 week 2 discussion 2 positive

Select a contemporary article that you perceive as demonstrating positive interdependence and knowledge sharing. Using the course textbook, the article, and at least one other scholarly source, explain how the article proves or refutes the inter relational processes involved.

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The first article I selected for this discussion is “The effects of task interdependence, team cooperation and team conflict on job performance.” This article used a linear structural model to investigate the impact of task interdependence, task, and relationship conflict in a team, and team cooperation on job performance. They focused on real estate brokers in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and how their task independence affect the group completing assigned tasks [CITATION Lee15 \l 1033 ].I had the pleasure of visiting Kaohsiung and experiencing their culture firsthand. Working together requires cooperation, coordination of responsibilities, effective communication, and conflict resolution.

According to the article, communication was one of the biggest issues with the team.  Also, when issues, conflicts, or problems completing tasks arise the group experiences difficulty managing communication [CITATIONLee15 \l 1033 ]. Not having a strong communication system left the group vulnerable to miscommunication. When groups work primarily interdependent or work individually on complex projects, communication is important for the group to ensure information is shared (Coget and Losh,2017). Communication is one of the strategies needed to improve effectiveness and used to manage interrelations between groups. However, this skill is difficult to achieve because it involves enhancing

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