MGT2530_Mod2 emotional information

Do you think there is a way to improve your reading of your manager’s and coworkers’ emotions, and adapting your behavior based on this emotional information? What are some ways that you can work on these types of behaviors? Remember to include reference and post on one other students discussion answer.

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I believe that the best way to achieve improvement in the reading emotions and adapting your behaviors based on these emotions. One must refine their emotional intelligence or “their ability perceives emotions in the self and others, understand the meaning of these emotions, and regulate his or her emotions accordingly” (Robbins & Judge, 2019, p. 119).Attaining emotional intelligence is vital to you job satisfaction, productivity, and work relationships. Emotion regulation goes hand in hand with emotional intelligence; This is the idea of identifying and modifying the emotions you feel (Robbins & Judge, 2019, p. 121).

Judith Orloff, M.D., famous author and psychologist, recommends surrendering to other vital forms of information so that you can learn to read non-verbal cues that people give off. The key to doing this, she says, is to remain objective and receive information neutrally without distorting it. Her first technique to emotional regulation is to watch for body languages cues, such as appearance, posture, watching for physical movements, and facial expression. By understanding someone’s

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