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MGT435 Week 5 Discussions

View the Malcolm Gladwell video, Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation, about today’s customers desiring partnerships. How does employee empowerment aid in building partnerships between companies and their customers? Describe why the structure of an Agile Organization might meet the goal of empowerment and partnership. Provide an example from your experience as an employee or customer. Construct your answer from the theories you’ve learned. Review several of your peers’ posts. Compare your experiences with at least two peers and identify lessons you can apply in your future work.

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As discussed in the prior chapter to define empowerment you would see a shift in one’s expectations. For instance, an employee may feel that they are more empowered if given more responsibilities in their position and also the ability to make more decisions (Weiss, 2016). Now once we have the ability to make more decisions and gained responsibilities we must look into building a rapport with the clients or customers that utilize our business. When a company or corporation gains the respect and trust of the consumer the growth of the business can become immeasurable. The employees are the first point of contact with the customers so how they provide customer service and ensuring the request of the customer is fulfilled in a timely fashion, this is how the business is perceived.

If a customer is given bad service, they can tell a friend and/or family member and the negative view of the business can spread just by word of mouth. The goal is to have repeat customers and for those customers to bring in new business just from prior customer reviews. An Agile Organization can be defined as “one that can quickly react to changes in the market” (Weiss, 2016).Agile organizations are able to seethe trends in their respective markets and stay ahead of competitors. This is essential in businesses today because consumer needs change very rapidly

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