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MGT435wk5dis2 organizational learning

Evaluate the four traits of organizational learning. Provide examples of how learning and change can impact one another.

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According to (Weiss, 2016) “Learning organizations can be defined according to four traits: constant readiness, continuous planning, improvised implementation, and action learning (Rowden,2009).” Organizational learning can happen in different ways, for example a person can learn on their own or with a group of people or even the entire company as a whole. Constant readiness is simply be ready for any type of change and be prepared to respond. Continuous planning is management putting their energy into the plan and the steps to make it happen. Improvised implementation is all members coming together as a whole. Action learning is a never ending reflection on the company and constantly changing for any minor or major adjustments. According to (Weiss, 2016) “This concept remains one of the most influential and relevant cornerstones of organizational change to date. A learning

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