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Midterm 1 searches and seizures

Using proper APA format in at least 450 words, briefly discuss what legally constitutes exigent circumstances regarding searches and seizures. In addition, provide examples of police conduct that do not fall under the exigent circumstances rule and would therefore be in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

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It is common knowledge that the police must obtain a search warrant before entering any person’s house. Should law enforcement not possess a warrant at the time of a seizure or search, there is a high possibility that the seizure or search would be considered unreasonable(Knox, 2018). However, there are situations where the police are legally allowed to enterprivate property without a search warrant and this is known as exigent circumstances. According to Warrantless Searches (2011), exigent circumstances are situations where law enforcement conducts warrantless seizures or searches when an emergency justifies the intrusion of a person’s Fourth Amendment rights. Exigent circumstances only exist when real

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