MM255 Unit 1 Discussion

    April 2, 2023

Discussion Overview
Businesses that sell goods need to purchase inventory. Sometimes a manufacturer of those goods suggests or even requires a certain retail price.

Post 1: Initial Response

Congratulations! You own your own business. Your business is looking to purchase inventory to sell. Find one item online for your business to sell. Include the URL to the item you are purchasing in your post. Use the online price for your chosen item as your list price and assume you can purchase that item for your business at a 30% trade discount. Calculate the trade discount amount your business will receive if it purchases 50 of these inventory items. Then calculate the net price for the 50 inventory items. Show all steps used in your calculations.

Describe your business in your post with a summary paragraph. Be creative! Using several sentences, discuss your chosen inventory item and whether or not you feel a 30% trade discount will allow your business to make a profit selling this item.

Include these items in your post:

  • Name of your business
  • URL, online price of item
  • Trade discount amount on 50 items
  • Net price of 50 items
  • Steps used for your calculations
  • Summary paragraph

Post 2: Reply to a Classmate

You are a supplier and want to earn your classmate’s business. Find a classmate’s initial post that has not yet been replied to by a fellow classmate. Using several sentences, write up an offer to your classmate’s business and offer sale terms 2/10, 1/15, n/30 and a 5% late fee charged for payment after 30 days. Using your classmate’s net price on the 50 inventory items, calculate the 2% and 1% discounts as well as the 5% late fee. Using today’s date (the date you are completing this post) state the due dates for each discount along with the date the late fee would first apply. Show all steps used in your calculations.

Include these items in your post:

  • Offer write up – several sentences
  • 2% discount amount, due date for this discount
  • 1% discount amount, due date for this discount
  • 5% late fee, first day this fee would be applied
  • Steps used for your calculations

Post 3: Reply to Another Classmate

Find a classmate’s thread in the Discussion Board that you find interesting and join the conversation by replying to a post. Post several sentences on this topic that are thoughtful and advance the discussion mathematically. Responses within your own initial thread will not count as a Post 3.

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