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Moderate persistent

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a) The Pharmacological Therapies Prescription for Jonathan

Jonathan is a patient who has been a frequent visitor to the clinic with a healthy report save for a history of mild asthma. The treatment of the patient major clinical symptoms of cough wheezing will rely on the patient history with the suspected asthma clinical manifestations. The respiratory abnormality of the lung will need to be solved using medication that can clear the respiratory tract to make breathing easier. The corticosteroid can be used as a respiratory tract medication that is used to ease breathing, reduce airways inflammation and manage cough from asthmatic attack (Maselli, & Peters, 2018). The type of corticosteroid that will be ideal for Jonathan is Flunisolide dosage of a spry on the nostril with the need to monitor the breathing pattern of the child.

b) The Necessary Information to Be Provided to Johnathan and His Mother Regarding Asthma Exacerbation

The information about asthma needs to be provided to the duo on preventable measures and management of the asthma exacerbation preventing the damage to the respiratory system. The patient needs to avoid smoking both as a first user and a secondary consumer to limit the respiratory tract risk and other related allergens that are part of the environment such as cold, animal dander, and dust. The management of the asthma exacerbation will also need the right use of the prescribed medication taking the doses as advised. The self-administer Corticosteroid needs to be illustrated to the 7-years-old on how to use it and how to keep it safe from other children. The mother will need to show emotional support to the patient.

c)The Appropriate Clinical Assessment Tool to Be Use with Johnathan

The asthmatic clinical assessment is part of the patient care that will be formulated with the effort of the patient to keep records about the management of the symptoms. The available clinical assessment that will best for Jonathan’s asthma control is the Childhood Asthma Control Test with a scale of up to 5 used in identifying the symptoms and management findings. The Childhood Asthma Control Test has a questionnaire calibration of the asthma control for children with frequent asthma exacerbation which can be used for children and adolescent patients (Tosca et al., 2021). The parent will need to be guided on how to use the Childhood Asthma Control Test for a clear understanding of the asthma control and management achieved at home.

d)The Classification of Asthma

According to Plaza et al., (2021), the classification of asthma can be categorized according to the manifestation of the illness, the medication needs, the effect of the illness on the functions of the lungs, and the symptoms interference with the activities of the patients as classified below;

Intermittent Stage. The first stage with no major symptoms can easily be managed with the rare use of the rescue inhaler. There is more than 80% FEV1/FVC which institutes a normal functioning of the lungs and two days or less indication of symptoms in a week.

  1. Mild persistent

The illness at this stage is still controllable with the normal activities of the patients reported. The patient can experience minimal nighttime symptoms with rare 3 times in a month having normal functions of the lung during breathing out and breathing in.

  1. Moderate persistent.

This is where more patient care is required with the interference with the functions of the lungs showing the hindrance to the school or work activities. There will be rampant nighttime symptoms more than twice a week but not daily. The patient will be needed to have a rescue inhaler with them for any emergency.

  1. Severe persistent.

At severe persistent, the lung is affected with the struggling functionality with the serious symptoms. The management of the symptoms cannot be done by the patient with the need of the healthcare specialist to develop a combination of medications that can clear the lungs’ airways.

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