Module 2- Mental Models

Think of a time when someone presented his or her mental model as if it were a fact. What kinds of responses did this elicit? Can you think of a time when you have done this? Clearly and succinctly describe this, connecting to the idea of mental models.

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Political affiliations have been known to fall in accordance with a cliché mental model. Identifying as a Republican or a Democrat conveys a few assumptions regarding how somebody will decide on disputable issues, for example, widespread healthcare, immigration, and abortion. Leaders from both ideological groups will display their assessment on these issues and energetically present their contentions with a basic understanding of being morally justified and their adversary being incorrect. Hutchens gives a comparable case of this mental model when he depicts a distribution center supervisor expressing that “hourly representatives aren’t diligent employees” (Hutchens, 1999, p 67). Relative to that, if somebody cast a ballot in opposition to the mental model of the political group, they might be blamed for not casting a ballot Republican or Democrat.

When somebody shows a contention that they are correct and their objective is to bring up how their political adversaries aren’t right, it appears that fake listening exceeds any genuine listening. During a broadcasted debate, when a political candidate is trying to convince the viewers as to why their mental model is right, their rival is listening specifically to concentrate on the zones where they can assault the speaker during their opportunity to talk. On the off chance that somebody holds a restricting mental model, it’s generally normal for them to enable enthusiastic commotion to keep them from tuning in to what the speaker wants to state. I have had comparable responses when listening to somebody present a mental model that is contrary to a

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