Module 2 Writing Assignment: Field Trip – Essay Instructions

    December 21, 2022

Field Trip – Essay Instructions

Choose a place to visit (this can be virtually) that is anthropologically and culturally relevant. Think: What would you like to learn more about? This is your field site!

  • Conduct field work by visiting the site (this can be virtually).
  • Conduct research on scholarly sources (in addition to your textbook) by locating/visiting at least one outside source related to this site. 

Here are some suggestions for your field site (if you choose another place, please consult with your instructor for approval):

  • International border
  • San Xavier Mission
  • Museum exhibit (example: look at cultural representation)
  • Refugee Services (choose website of a specific organization that serves refugees)
  • Broaden your horizons: a specific place you would like to visit in Africa, East Asia, South America, Southeast Asia

Remember! this is just a sample and could have been submitted by another