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Module 3 – 395. Non-monetary Rewards

What are Non-monetary Rewards?

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A Society for Human Resource Management study (SHRM,2005) found that both employers and HR professionals see benefits or non-monetary rewards as a driving factor for job satisfaction. In this module, non-monetary rewards are defined as the set of rewards known broadly as benefits. The array of benefits that supplement monetary rewards are evolving quickly, as the competition for employees increases. While there is a wide range of non-monetary rewards offered, most center around those that protect against the cost of illness or health emergencies, provide income protection in the case of disability, and and provide general well being for the employees and their families. The more typical non-monetary rewards offered today are shown in the center column in table3.1 below.

Companies to Work for in America” seem to recognize the importance of offering a wide assortment of benefits. They offer the assortment in order to meet the needs of the employees and address many of the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy (Maslow, 1954).The companies appear to use a total rewards approach to compensation to attract, retain, and motivate their employees. In addition to what has become rather standard as a set of rewards including medical, dental and vision insurance; paid time off; and ample room for career growth, some mix of the following benefits is often present: education reimbursement, employee training, on-site childcare services, financial counseling, and retirement benefits(Bates, 2003).But it is important to remember, just as with consumer purchasing decisions, that what is valued by one employee is not necessarily valued by all. Therefore employers must research what the requisite employees in their organization desire.
One way in which information about preferences is gathered is through surveys or interviews, and more than one method of gathering data about the important decisions of rewards is better. Information internal to the organization and outside the organization is recommended. Table 3.2summarizes a report from a survey conducted by Aon (2002)demonstrating the average range of preferences when individuals taking the survey were asked to rank the benefits from most preferred to least preferred, if given a choice. In this survey, the data revealed that the benefit most often ranking the highest was medical insurance and the lowest was wellness programs. As you read the list of preferences, think

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