Module Six Worksheet

    November 2, 2022

In this worksheet activity, you will need to analyze the conclusions reached by the researchers in your final project article and compare them to the conclusions of a similar study from the references section of your selected study. You will also need explain how the study you have analyzed contributes to scientific literature and speculate about further investigations that might take place because of this research.

To complete this assignment, complete the following steps:

  1. Review the article you selected for the final project.
  2. Review the article with a similar study referenced by your final project article.
  3. Download and complete this Module Six Worksheet document. Compare your final project article to the article with a similar study that you analyzed in the Module Four worksheet activity. Address the following topics through the worksheet questions below:
  • Purpose, research question, and hypothesis
    • Research methods
    • Key findings
    • Major conclusions
  • Upload and submit your completed worksheet assignment.
 Final Project ArticleSimilar Study Article
Full APA Citation (Also include the article number of your final project article.)                      
Purpose, Research Question, and Hypothesis Compare the following elements for each article using your own words and complete sentences.
Purpose What is the purpose of the study?                      
Research Question(s) What is/are the research question(s)?                      
Hypothesis(es) What is/are the hypothesis(es) of the study?                      
Explanatory Variable(s) What is/are the explanatory variable(s)?                      
Response Variable(s) What is/are the response variable(s)?                      
Research Methods Compare the following elements for each article using your own words and complete sentences.
Observational or Experimental Was this study observational or experimental?                      
Population What population are the researchers interested in?                      
Sample What is the sample?                      
Sample Selection How did the researchers select their sample?                      
Data Collection Methods How did the researchers collect their data?                      
Statistical Analysis What statistical analysis did the researchers use?                      
Key Findings Compare the key findings for each article using complete sentences in your own words.
Major Results/Conclusions What was/were the result(s) of the research question(s)?                      
Comparison Respond to the following questions in 2- to 3-sentence short paragraphs. Use complete sentences and your own words.
How were the results similar or different between the two articles?                 
Based on the findings of the  two studies you have looked at, do you think there is a relationship between the explanatory and response variables? What statistical results are you using to support your decision?                 
How does this study further our knowledge of the topic you are reporting on?                 
Based on this information, what new questions arise? What other studies need to be done in order to determine if there really is or is not a relationship between the variables of interest?                 

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