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Modules 2 cultural adaptations

Modules 2.1 and 2.2 discusses the ratchet effect – where cultural adaptations and innovations are accumulated and then are expanded upon and refined across generations. After reading the article with no-fishing zones, Mexican fishermen restored the marine ecosystem write about how some societies lose culture. What reasons can you identify as to why culture might be lost? Briefly discuss a time when you had to adapt to a new or changing environment and how at least 1 of the concepts applies to your experience.

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Our culture is very important as it is part of us, but it is also very fragile and sometimes the little things can have the biggest effects. The place we live in has a huge impact in our culture whether it bethe environment or ecosystem. As time goes on technology is spreading throughout the world but withall the benefits there are also consequences. Technology makes it easy for people from different areas inthe world andinformation to spread at a fast rate. When technology is spread information about unusual species of animals or beautiful locations are seen by people all over the world. This causespeopleto visita place because they want to see those things and it will create more pollution. Pollutionwill be created because there will be more planes and cars used to get there as well as more waste. Humans create a lot of pollution especially in the oceans and because of this the wildlife are harmed inthe process. Another problem will people visiting an exotic place or a new place in general is that

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