Moral theories

You will choose two (2) of the following  question prompts. Then you will submit one of the responses for  #1, and the other for  #2.


Please choose only one (1) of the following questions and write 3-4 well-structured paragraphs that adequately respond to the questions, proving you know and understand the classroom material. See the rubric below.

1. One of the main distinctions between moral theories is the distinction between relativistic moral theories (those that argue that moral theories are relative to individuals or cultures) and universalistic or objective moral theories (i.e., those that hold that there are objective moral truths). Describe the sense in which two of the moral theories we have studied in this course hold an objectivist or universalist position. Why do you think this is the case? Do you think relativism is a defensible position in the face of these theories?

2. Are there some moral duties that can never be violated? Is it possible to rank order your moral duties so that you would know which one to follow when they were in conflict? Even ‘create the best possible outcome’ or ‘maximize good results’ is a kind of moral duty. Is it the only one? What reasons can you provide to think that there are no absolute moral duties?

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