MT302 Unit 1 Discussion Topic 1

    April 2, 2023

Please read the course Syllabus. Then read the content below and acknowledge your acceptance in the introduction area besides providing your personal introduction. If you have any questions, please post the questions in the discussion below.

The Syllabus is a contractual agreement between the professor and the student. The Syllabus dictates the terms of this course.

  • In each of the assignments and discussions, there are detailed directions. Please read the directions and follow them. The rubrics for grading course assignments, journals, and discussions in this class are based upon the posted directions. Assignments and discussion topic postings submitted without the correct components will be subject to forfeiture of course points.
  • Please always use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage and sentence structure, compilation, and logic in all class work. This is a requirement of this course and a requirement of the university.
  • Read the late policy in the course Syllabus.
  • Attendance is fundamental to student success in an online course. Please monitor and adhere to course attendance policies.
  • Purdue University Global encourages students to attend the weekly Seminars (see Seminar topics in the Course Documents area). Seminar attendance and participation are not mandatory, but if you miss a Seminar, you will be required to submit an alternative assignment to obtain the points allotted to the Seminar or alternative assignment.
  • Do you affirm that you understand and accept the Syllabus policies and stipulations?

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