MT302 Unit 2 Discussion

    April 2, 2023

As you read in your text, organizations must consider diversity because the workforce has become increasingly diverse, as have the customers. Read the scenario below and then discuss the bulleted item below concerning diversity issues.

Diversity and Job Satisfaction

Scenario (fictional): Silvan Container Works is a mid-sized organization that is also global. They sell most of their containers internationally, although they are based in the U.S. The company’s containers are made with natural raw materials such as clay, stone, and natural woven fibers to create containers that are safe for a multitude of personal and industrial uses.

They have a customer service department call center that is located in India where the customer service representatives (CSRs) are quadrilingual. At this call center, all of the CSRs’ first language is Hindi. Management required they be native-born citizens with at least 10 years’ customer service experience when they were hired. The CSRs are a close-knit group and share stories with each other regarding their customers between their shifts and during their scheduled breaks in the employee break room. Their biggest complaint has been their lack of control over affecting results or problem resolution for their customers on the job.

Lately there have been excessive complaints logged into the customer relationship management (CRM) system to which all the managers have access. There are customer complaints that the CSRs misunderstand the customers’ concerns and that they demonstrate a lack of empathy.

  • Discuss the potential problems and opportunities based on the limited information in the scenario and based on your Chapter 2 reading concerning diversity.

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