MT302 Unit 5 Discussion

    April 2, 2023

Topic: Incorporating Research

Motivation and job satisfaction can be built in to a job for the most part, based on known research in this area. In this discussion, you have the opportunity to both do some of your own research and apply existing research to a past or current job of your own.

Do some research in the Purdue Global Library by accessing the Academic Tools under Course Resources. Once in the Library, select the “peer reviewed” check box under the search bar, and then research current articles regarding motivation theory to answer and justify your response to the following:

Label your response with Parts 1 and 2.

With the current trend towards providing support for assertions in the news, social media, academics, and business (i.e., analytics), learning to find support for your statements is a valuable skill. In this discussion, you will get some practice finding support for the topic provided as well as some practice applying a model to explain your response to a query.

Part 1: Supporting Assertions (initial posting): Go to the Purdue Global Library following the instructions above, and look for peer-reviewed research articles regarding the topic of: “Better salary and benefits motivate better employee performance.”

It does not matter whether the peer-reviewed research found support or not for this statement.

Choose an article not used by another student in this discussion, and report the findings using an in-text citation (see the reading area), and accompanying reference in APA format. (Hint: In research studies, you can look at the Abstract section at the beginning or in the final pages where the summarized results are usually found.)

Part 2

Applying the job characteristics model, discuss your current or past job in terms of the model (see the learning activity on motivation applied — Part 3) to explain why you were or are currently motivated and satisfied, or not, with the work.

Respond to classmates’ posts (second and third posting).

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