MT302 Unit 6 Assignment 1

    April 2, 2023

Assignment 1: Applying Teamwork

Being able to participate in and contribute to an effective team is crucial in today’s work world. Many corporations use ad hoc work teams to accomplish their goals, projects, tasks, or initiatives. Learning to work effectively in teams is therefore a skill that employers are seeking in their new hires. Once you feel confident in your ability to work in teams, you can include that skill in your résumé.

The foci of your assigned readings in Chapters 8, 9, and 10 are motivation, groups, and teams. These readings along with your learning activities should be of assistance in completing this assignment in a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this assignment:

MT302-4: Apply teamwork concepts to an organizational problem.

PC-1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.

Team Assignment: Assignment 1:

In this assignment, you will participate in a team to address an organization’s problem. Read the scenario below, and address the checklist items regarding a work team.


For Assignment 1, you will work in teams as assigned by your instructor in Unit 4. You will join your assigned team below Unit 10 in the Team Area. Go to the “Team Area” below Unit 10 and select “Team Area Discussion,” then scroll down, and when you see “Filter by: all groups” click on “All groups.” Then you will see the option to choose Team 1, 2, 3, etc., in the dropdown menu.

There you will address the following scenario, addressing all the checklist items, and designate a person to submit the final team presentation response to the Unit 6 Assignment 1 Dropbox. Once the presentation is complete, each team member will be responsible for submitting their own peer evaluation form to the Unit 6 Peer Evaluation Assignment 2 Dropbox demonstrating how they contributed to the assigned team goals and objectives.

Access the learning activities and readings to assist the team in addressing the checklist items.

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