MT302 Unit 7 Journal

    April 2, 2023

You will write a minimum of 250 words in Word document for this journal assignment in response to the bulleted items below. .

Leadership Style

Understanding your leadership style can assist you in becoming a better leader. In this assignment you will:

Describe a leadership position you have assumed, either among your friends or family, at work, or in a civic/volunteer organization. It can be a temporary role you assumed, even as simple as deciding among your friends which movie to see on Saturday. If you assumed a leadership role guiding or directing the decision-making, you were a leader.

  • Describe a leadership position you held in the past.
  • Explain the leadership style you used.
  • Explain how this style helped or hindered the success or decision-making of the group or team and why.

After checking your spelling and grammar, write your minimum 250-word response in a Word document and submit it to the Unit 7 Journal Assignment Dropbox on the Assignment tab.

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