MT499-A- Information Management


Need by 18 June 2016 by 2300hrs EST




Please watch the following technology video:


This assignment focuses on information management.


In a four to five page paper, using at least one reference address the following areas:


  • Please explain how you will be utilizing technology to make your business more effective and efficient.

  • Explore the cloud technology concept.

  • Discuss the importance of information technology planning and control processes to protect confidential information and prevent major loss of information.


This section should address but not be limited to the following items:


– Software packages you will use


– Networks- Internal/External- Cloud technology


– Hardware (PC/Laptop/Printer etc.)


– Email/Instant messaging programs


– Web Site


– Disaster Recovery Plan


Assignment checklist:


  • Determine the information technology used in the business.

  • Develop the information technology plan for managing and controlling information.

  • Evaluate your plan for managing and controlling information.

  • There are weaknesses in every plan. Make sure to point out any weaknesses andexplain how you will address them.


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