Multi-Stressed Family Assessment (Length: a minimum of 1,750 words)

    November 17, 2022

Multi-Stressed Family Assessment (Length: a minimum of 1,750 words): This assignment is designed to provide you with an opportunity to assess and conceptualize a multistressed family. For this assignment, you are asked to view one of the following films: “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “The Fighter,” or “Walk the Line.” You will select one film for the focus of this paper. The characters in your selected film will be your clients. You will provide a thorough description of this family, including a detailed assessment and treatment plan and how you engaged each member in the process. You will assess this family’s functioning based on what you learn about them in the film. Your “work” with this family does not need to exactly follow the events that transpire in the plot of the movie. The film should be used as a starting point for case conceptualization, to get a sense of your clients and their needs. Based on the reading assigned in class, additional outside readings you may have selected and lecture material you will consider this family from various angles and demonstrate critical use of the material to inform your conceptualization of the family. Explicitly demonstrate how you are applying course readings and concepts, and properly reference readings on which you draw (at least SCHOLARLY 5 citations). You will write an assessment and treatment plan for this family covering the following areas: Part I: Case Description a. Provide a thorough description of each family member, including observational data (appearance, affect, behavior) as well as relevant social, cultural, educational and vocational information. You might also include relevant mental health and medical history. Also include referral source and why they are coming to see you. Part II: Assessment a. Problem Identification: Describe the family’s definition of or story about the difficulty with the “identified patient’s” substance abuse. Consider what each member of the family might see as the identified problem. b. What is your assessment of this family? Be sure to consider systems theory. Discuss any assessment tools you might use. Comment on how you observe the family members to relate to one another based on their interactions in the film. c. You must discuss the following family dynamics: Norms and beliefs/values that are influencing the current issue, roles, communication, problem solving, boundaries/alliances/coalitions, how will you accomplish engagement. d. Summarize what you know of early family history or developmental events relevant to the current situation. e. What else do you need to know? How and from whom could this information be gathered? f. Identify and discuss strengths you observe in the family. Push yourself to find strengths in each family member, especially those members who might elicit negative reactions from you. g. Consider cultural competence in working with this family. Discuss any culturally relevant factors, including issues of oppression and discrimination that might influence their current situation. h. Assess environmental factors that influence the family’s functioning and development. Consider resources and risk factors for this family at various systems levels. i. Consider any ethical issues you might encounter. P Part III: Treatment Plan a. What issues or problems need to be addressed? How would you prioritize the problems? b. What do you see as some preliminary goals? Identify short-term and longer-term goals. Will key players agree on these goals? c. What are some measurable objectives you can identify to inform you and the family that you are moving towards these goals? In other words, what will the family do and what will the counselor do to work to meet these goals? d. What do you identify as potential or actual barriers to your work together? How might you address these? You are not required to write an introduction and conclusion for this assignment. It can read more like a case note using the items provided in BOLD below as HEADERS and SUB HEADERS (under assessment). If you refer to yourself in the assignment, refer to yourself as “the counselor” in order to use a professional tone.

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