Myth of the Intrapreneur



Question 1 (Jessica Am)

There were many similarities between the Greenhouse Approach and the article The Myth of the Intrapreneur. Both create an overarching tone that the intrapreneur mindset needs to be fostered by the organizational culture and leadership.

The Myth of the Intrapreneur (2018), discusses a companywide innovation management system that goes beyond just hiring someone who they hope with spark innovation but rather creating full positions that are solely dedicated to the creation and fostering of innovation. This companywide management system consists of 8 primary elements (1) leadership and an innovation culture willing to commit (2) system-wide resources and (3) a governance process that can deliver on a clearly articulated (4) mandate and scope for breakthrough innovation. An inclusive (5) organizational structure with interfaces between different parts of the company incorporates the (6) processes and tools and (7) metrics and rewards required for an innovation cycle that takes longer than incremental product innovation. Lastly, companies need (8) skills and talent that are differentiated from traditional R&D or new product development roles (para.7).

Whereas the Greenhouse Approach (2019), discusses an approach to innovation that re-images the way goals are pursued in relation to employee and team development in an attempt to foster a culture of innovation. They discuss that a team’s goals should be based on principles that create a cross-functional team (rather than a single innovation role) which includes the input of different departments that bring in a diverse range of experiences and perspectives (pg. 161).

I question if a combination of both approaches would be effective? Both methods have an overarching intent to foster and cultivate innovation. Wouldn’t a strategy that includes cross-functional team involvement and creating roles for dedicated innovation professionals to carry out the functions of discovery, development, incubation, acceleration, and scaling be the most effective (Corbett, 2018, para. 4)?

It seems logical that an organization dedicated to creating a culture that re-images the ways goals are pursued to focus away from function dependent to goal-dependent thinking would pursue both approaches, which may prove effective. Both dedicated innovation roles and cross-functional teams would solidify an organization’s commitment to fostering innovation from a multitude of avenues and departments.

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