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Capstone Ethics Paper


May 31, 2022


Ethical Consideration in Doctoral Project Plan Report

Background of Doctoral Project Plan Report The capstone project’s focus is on enhancing the Aagency’s ability to assist domestic violence victims in developing self-sufficiency in financial literacy to maintain financial stability. The project focuses on developing a training protocol to help the agency and how the agency better service victims with helping them maintain financial stability long after the abuse is over. The agency is a dual program that focuses on investigating the issues of violence and assault by exploring gender, family violence, and sexual assault. I will be addressing the financial impediments experienced by women and their role in restricting their freedom, especially those abused by their intimate partners. Of the major reasons considered, fFinancial instability is explained to be one of the greatest reasons why women experience limited choices after gaining their freedom from leaving their abusers. Generally, economic instability is used to bind women and their abusers. The long-term effect is that such women will need assistance maintaining a long-term financial dependency of the victim. The agency comes into play when it helps obtain housing for abused women obtain short-term housing, but long-term housing and financial stability is harder to maintain. The agencyand critically assesses the problem to see how they can develop a solution or idea that can change it. Comment by Lyndon, Amy E: Maybe you should also specify that the agency is a domestic violence shelter?

The capstone project topic is needed because issues such as financial literacy training are necessary to help the surveyors of domestic violence to gain financial independence. But the Agency has been a deficiency in the empirical evidence on the proposed interventions. Thus the capstone project fills the gap by examining the impact of improving the financial literacy of the domestic violence victims. Importantly, in the project, I will create training that will help the victims to understand the importance of being financially stable and learning how to manuver through life in hopes of staying that way. I employed descriptive research using a survey design and used both quantitative and quantitative analysis. Further, the project provides the approach used in terms of sample and design, and risk assessment is described together with ethical considerations for the sample. This paper will review how I will ethically deal with the agency staff while conducting interviews and participating/interacting with the victims while providing financial literacy training.

Research Ethics

According to Israel and& Hay (2006), the application of fundamental ethical principles to research activities, such as the design and implementation of research, the use of resources and research outputs, respect for society and others, and scientific misconduct and research regulation, is what research ethics is all about. Some commonly known concepts of research ethics principles include integrity, openness, objectivity, honesty, confidentiality, respect for intellectual property, and responsible publication. Ethical standards in research help ensure that researchers are held legally liable and promote important values in joint projects (Banks et al., 2013). The most crucial reason for research ethics is that the ethical norms promote the research aims, such as error avoidance. Research ethics explains how the participants will be protected in the interview, and safety and privacy must be paramount. Comment by Lyndon, Amy E: Narrative citations use and, not the ampersand/&. Fix throughout.

Review of the Main Principles of Ethics

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