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    October 10, 2022

APA format 1 page 3 references one from the discussion below 1 from walden university library.  Due 10/4/2019 ASAP
Lesson Title: Medication Administration Checkoff
The selected video demonstrates how to correctly administer medication using the 5 Medication Rights.
Intended Audience: Pre-licensure nursing students

The student will demonstrate how to successfully administer medications at the bedside.
The student will educate the patient about their medications.
The student will explain safety precautions to patient.
The student will document medications given on MAR
The student will re-assess patient after medication administration

A key strategy in nursing education is to help students connect class time with clinical time (Bristol, n.d.). A significant aspect of this is bringing clinical to class. The video mentioned above, can be used to prepare the learners for the on-site clinical lab as students are able to view the video as many times as needed to familiarize themselves with the content presented. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeals to a wide audience and allows each user to process information in a way that’s natural to them (Next Thought Studios, n.d.). As students review medication administration in their textbooks, they can view the video as a visual to see how to correctly perform a med pass. When the students arrive to class, they are prepared for the skill review and check off. This concept mirrors the flipped classroom approach. “Students gain first-exposure learning prior to class and focus on the processing part of learning in class” (Andrew, n.d.).
When the students arrive to class, the instructor would do a brief overview of the lesson and state the objectives. The students will be given an opportunity to asks any questions they may have about the video or textbook content. They will then role play giving medications at bedside. During checkoffs with the instructors, the students will demonstrate how to correctly give medications as well as explain the rationale about each step during the role playing. The instructor could also have the students record their own video administering medications in class as a way to evaluate the students.
Overall, the referenced video is a good video to use to demonstrate how to correctly administer medications.
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