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Novel Use Of Technology

2.2: Identify Novel Use of Technology (Individual Project — Part 4)


New technologies can often provide significant competitive advantage for an organization. In this Assignment we will explore what new or existing technologies you believe might provide competitive advantage for your organization in one form or another.

Required Readings

  • Gartner. (2006, August). Gartner’s 2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle Highlights Key Technology Themes.
    (~5 pages)

    Gartner, Inc., categorizes critical emergent technologies into three major classes of: 1) Web 2.0, 2) Real World Web, and 3) Application Architecture. The descriptions of these technologies may be useful to you in guiding your search for novel uses of technology that can be applied to your organization’s value chain. Although individual descriptions are most likely insufficient to provide you the information you need to select a specific technology for your situation, they do provide an excellent, high level overview of various classes of emergent technologies, which is a great way to launch a more focused investigation into a single technology that will be appropriate for the limited scope of your course project.

  • (e-Global Library: ebrary) Steinbock, D. (2005).  Chapter 10: Strategy and mobility. In Mobile Revolution: The Making of Worldwide Mobile Markets (pp. 255-273).
    (19 pages)

    The section on Mobility and Competitive Advantage (p.257) discusses how the adoption of enabling technologies influences the value chain of mobile communications organizations “through efficiency or differentiation or both.” Page 260 maps mobile technologies to a value chain. Pages 261-265 details the roles of technologies mapped to value chain elements, grouped into primary and support activities. This section provides a useful example for step 3b in the Assignment procedure below.

    The section on Mobility and Competitive Strategy (p.265) is quite useful for its connection of technology innovations to Porter’s five forces (step 5 in the Assignment procedure below).
    The section on Mobility, Business Models and Strategy (p.270) is also quite useful in that, with a technology focus, it connects the work we did in Module 1 on business model identification with the work we’ll do in Module 3 on business model proposal. It provides a frame of reference for discussing strategic advantage in step 3c in the Assignment procedure below

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