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NR 327 Week Three Discussion

The submissions for this assignment are posts in the assignment’s discussion. Below are the discussion posts for Nursing Student, or you can view the full discussion.

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Before rereading the textbook in the context of this assignment, I had never heard about the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) or knew what it did. After reading the textbook I was surprised that such an organization was not as well known. However, it would be unprofessional and careless to let this textbook article form my opinion without looking at other sources. It would be easy to take Dr. Facione word at face value but I believe that it is important to develop a well-rounded opinion based off of multiple sources. So, I ended up looking into multiple websites and sources about the SPLC including their own website as well as several news articles which uncovered several things about the SPLC that were not mentioned in the article from the textbook.

This is probably because the author of this article is also a financial supporter of the SPLC and would be inclined to not write anything that would tarnish the reputation of the SPLC. This reinforced my ideology that you need to look deeper into your sources and conduct research to form a well-balanced opinion. I believe that an “expert” is someone who has studied a topic immensely and has comprehensive knowledge on a subject. This person may have spent years studying the particular subject and can inform, argue or explain their subject using facts and their experience. The author of the

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