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NR 392 Week 3 Discussion

What did my prelicensure education program teach our class about quality improvement in nursing, this question is not easy to answer?

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In the 80’s we did not learn of quality improvement or have any of today’s acronyms. Quality was virtually in pre infancy and only spoken about in private hospital meetings of executives. As today, issues are emphasized back in the stone ages, it was thought of as airing dirty laundry and best kept undercover. Yes, that is how it was, hard to believe, but the quality of an institution was kept very secret. Incident reports or occurrence reports as they are referred to today, were sent on to the insurance carrier after being completed. There were no actual reviews of incidents other than a supervisor coming by to get additional information of what took place. No one really addressed these incidents as they occurred or did a root cause analysis, which was left up to the actual staff to keep an eye on each other.

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