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NR 392 week 4 discussion

How does your current or former clinical environment share data collected on quality measures or initiatives with the staff?What further data would you like to have shared and why?

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I work in an ambulatory surgery unit. The data that is always a topic for discussion is how we chart on patient’s pain. I say pain management because it focuses on our documentation on pain scales from the start of an administration of an analgesic through the time intervals of reassessment of pain levels. The Joint Commission found flaws in our pain management documentation last year, and therefore, became a hot topic, just like in Esther’s (our classmate) case. The interest is on the patient’s reported pain scale relative to the ordered medication’s indicated pain scale. As an ambulatory surgery, we want to treat our patients’ through their phases of pain without overly sedating the patient. Therefore, certain medications are ordered with an indicated pain

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