NR 531 week 2.1

    October 10, 2022


Hiring more nursing assistants to assist during registered nurses'(RNs) shortage can be very challenging. Currently, I am working in the critical care unit (CCU), where we always used total patient care delivery assignments. The staff work 12-hour shifts, and each nurse is assigned for two patients, depending on the patients’ acuity. According to Marquis and Huston (2017), total-patient-care (TPC) nursing is the oldest patient-delivery model. With this model, one bedside nurse oversees the total care of patients during the assigned shift. The total responsibilities of the bedside nurse for a patient’s care include bathing, bed making, administering medications, vital signs, carrying out all ordered treatments, dressing changes, patient teaching, discharge planning, and updating patient care plan, etc (Marquis

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