NR392 week 5 docx clinical environment

How does your current or former clinical environment maintain a culture of safety?What suggestions would you make as a nurse leader to improve the culture of safety?

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This week we are discussing safety. One aspect of this is patient safety and providing care that has good quality and safe. Finkelman (2018) explains that Healthcare facilities may take the lean approach in quality improvement which focuses on doing more with less, with emphasis on the patient, attempting to make it more time and cost-effective for the customer. Using this model has its share of concerns, particularly for the staff, as it may impact staffing and supplies. HCOs may cut on different supplies which are user-friendly and easy to use to save a few dollars. If a facility chooses to use the lean model, it is recommended for the leaders to discuss with their staff fears they may have about the changes implemented and reassure them it won’t affect the safety and quality

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