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NR667 Week 1 Discussion

Using Brown and Olshansky’s (1997) model, describe what interventions you plan to do during your first year of practice to help you navigate the changes described during in each phase.

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Laying the FoundationPart of this phase after school it is important that we as students need to take a little mental break and sort of make up for the time spent during school to focus on themselves, family, and social life. For me, I am leaving for Mexico, with my husband and our 2 boys on April 7thand we are going to enjoy a week on the beach to relax and spend time as a family. I have been in school for the past 4 years completing my Bachelors and then my masters. It is important to me to pass boards and find a job to begin my career, however I have already started applying and getting my name out there, and have also already applied for certification. By doing these things now and getting ahead of it, I’m hoping to have a less stressful transition after completing school.

LaunchingGoing from the RN in the ED who has an idea of what the providers are going to order, carrying out orders by drawing blood, giving medications or doing specific procedures and then waiting for test results, responding to more orders, and then either discharging, transferring or admitting the patient. I will be the one who is in charge of placing the orders and making the decisions based on those orders while delegating the tasks to the nursing staff. I will need to be aware of imposter syndrome and will need to acknowledge that I will not be as fast as other providers since I am going to be new. I have learned that in my practicum rotation the providers do not always work individually, they work together by bouncing ideas off of each other and reassuring each other. A mentor may someone I could lean on for help to guide me through this phase and to help with challenging patients or scenarios.

Meeting the Challengethis phase is when the NP is now more comfortable in their role and starting to feel more confidence as well. It is important during this phase that I do not become overly confident but to continue to use my resources and use team work to provide the best patient care for my patients. I should try and put myself into certain situations where I can gain the additional knowledge and experience. For example, I do not have a job yet but have been in the interview process with a county hospital where I would be working in the walk-in clinic and hospital as a hospitalist NP caring for patients admitted to the hospital. In the interview, the medical director informed me that there are times that patients may be on Telemetry and on Cardiazem infusions. This scared me a little bit, hearing this, since I will be a new NP and have only ever done Cardiazem

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