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ntegrity in Practice Creating Civil, Ethical Environments Write a 1,000 word paper discussing a civil and ethical nursing work environment.

Integrity in PracticeCreating Civil, Ethical EnvironmentsWrite a 1,000 word paper discussing a civil and ethical nursing work environment.Define civility in nursing practice.Evaluate the importance of leadership and accountability in maintaining a civil and ethical work environment.Compare the relationship of incivility and ethics in the workplace.Determine methods leaders can use to effectively prevent or respond to unethical or unprofessional nursing behavior.Analyze how a professional code of ethics fosters a civil and ethical work environment.Include a minimum of three scholarly sources less than 5 years old that support your assignment.Format your paper, including citations, reference page, according to APA guidelines.Course Objectives:Analyze the standards that guide ethical nursing practice.Evaluate communication techniques and collaborative strategies used in professional nursing practice.

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