Nur 392 Week 1 Discussion

Think of an area of opportunity within your current or former clinical setting that is quality driven. Define (D) one nursing care issue (not a workforce issue such as staffing) from a current or former nursing workplace (or clinical setting) that could be impacted by improved quality. This nursing care issue should not be one that has already undergone a quality improvement process. Tell us details of this issue and how it this issue impacts nursing care quality at that facility.

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My former clinical settings were the operating room, where I was the new Director of Perioperative Services. In taking this position, one of the first problems was the SCIP score of 68%. This problem needed immediate fixing. It was explained to the staff at our meetings that only 68% of our patients were receiving good care and the rest were not. This had a jaw dropping dead silence effect on the crowd of 140 people. The staff as a whole was presented with the problem to solve, all the data was presented and reviewed. This was a long standing

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