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NUR 514 week 2 DQ 1

From your experience in the health care industry, what is the difference between leadership and management? How can an advanced registered nurse both lead well and provide management? Think about interactions with patients, team members, daily tasks, and responsibilities as you formulate your response.

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Looking at my experience in the health care industry, leadership and management can be at two different spectrums. When I think of strong leaders that I have had experience within my nursing career, I think of directors and charge nurses who have worked alongside us as part of the team caring for patients. They are consistently in communication with the staff and have an open door and listen when issues come up. “Leaders use well-researched principles of relationship, interaction, behavior, and communication to engage others in mutual commitment that advances the flue of all and achieves the purposeful ends of their collective work” (Weberg, Mangold, Porter-O’Grady & Malloch, 2019, p. 98). These strong leaders lead by example and take ownership in the team. Learning from these examples, as an advanced registered nurse, it would be important to earn the staff’s respect by being fair and taking an active role in the day to day workings of the department. “Good leaders know how to lead well, and they know how to produce the results necessary for good teams to function well”(Cruz, 2014).When looking at management there have been times when it felt like the only focus was on cutting costs, and the retention is often poor for staff. Management has not provided an atmosphere of teamwork and at times it feels like a dictatorship where staff cannot express concerns or give ideas for improvement. According to Weberg, et al., ,

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