Nursing Care and Management Clinical Judgement

    November 5, 2022

Nursing Care and Management Clinical Judgement Question
Initial Posting – Provided reflective clinical judgement by answering the following questions
1. Introduction/Background
Describe the nursing situation, include your relationship with the patient/family
Consider experiences you have had which help you provide nursing care in this situation
Include your beliefs about your role as nurse in this situation
Describe any emotions you had about this situation
Initially, what did you notice about the nursing situation
Describe what you notice as you spent more time with the patient/family
Describe what you thought about the situation –cause, potential resolutions, patterns
What other information (assessment data) did you decided you needed?
How did you obtain this information?
What was your goal for the patient/family?
What was your nursing response/interventions did you do?
Describe stresses you
experienced as you responded to the situation
What happened?
How did the patient/family/staff respond?
What did you do next?
6.Reflection on Action
How did your nursing skills expand from this experience?
What might you do differently if you encounter this situation again?
What additional knowledge/information/skills do you need to face similar situation in future?
Describe any changes in your values/feelings/emotions as a result of this experience

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