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PART 3 Community Assessment Project: Health Promotion Plan Paper

The Health Promotion Plan paper assignment is derived from the work that you have done up to this point on your community assessment and based on identified problem/needs/risk topics you identified in Part 2 of the Community Assessment. The paper must be written in APA 7th edition format and follow the specific guidelines. No abstract is needed for this paper assignment. This does not need to be a novel/book but the paper does need to address all of the components outlined below. The outline below along with the sample paper should provide you with sufficient guidelines to help you complete the assignment; note that in essence you are writing 2 of these papers because your group is responsible for 2 nursing diagnoses rather than one which is what the sample paper is showing. (see sample paper AS A GUIDELINE YOU MAY NOT USE THE SAME TOPIC AS IS DONE IN THE PAPER THIS IS MEANT TO GUIDE YOU ON HOW TO COMPLETE THE PAPER ASSIGNMENT)

This portion of the community health assessment involves developing a health promotion plan “as if” the plan would be implemented for a target group within the community. This will involve choosing two of six to eight priority nursing diagnoses/problems identified in Part 2 of the Community Assessment and conducting a literature search on these identified health problems. Then the group will write one short term goal and three measurable outcomes for each of the identified problems. Once the measurable outcomes are identified the group will focus on developing specific educational interventions to address each of the stated outcomes with evaluation (see sample paper). I have also included this website which is a great resource for APA if you need some guidance

Project focus: Based on the problems/topics you identified in part 2 of the community assessment through your Community Diagnoses. You will choose 2 of the identified nursing diagnoses that your group feels are the highest priority and of interest to your group as a whole and these need to be approved by your instructor (I want to make sure that the two groups are not choosing to do the same topics). Specify the problem/topic area and specific target group your project team will address. Be sure to include your rationale and supporting data for selecting these as priority health problems and target groups within your community within your paper (this can be very brief and taken from Part 2 of the Community Assessment). Be sure to include a brief paragraph which supports and clearly connects the population, the identified problem/topic and the data.


Part I: Nursing Process: Community Diagnoses

1.Clearly identify the two priority problem/need/risk community diagnoses from the six to eight identified in Part II of your community assessment and as approved by your instructor. These will be written in the correct community diagnoses format including Health People 2030 goals/data/objectives as appropriate. If there is relevant data from the State of Florida and/or your community include this as well. (make sure to include the in-text citation for Healthy People 2030 and include in your Reference List). This part should already be done as you have done it in Part II; however, a clear link between your community, the target group and the reason this is a priority nursing diagnoses for your community must be made clear in this beginning section.

2.Review of the Literature of the 2 identified priority Health Problems: Complete a review of the literature highlighting the health problem and the target group. Be sure to use headers to organize this section of the paper. Students must use the textbook and optional use of other textbooks from prior courses as references. You may use literature from Allied Health however you must have SIX evidence-based peer reviewed nursing references (nursing literature/nursing journals) published within the last five years included in your in-text citations within the paper and on the list of references (think of this as 3 references for each of the chosen two health topics). In other words, include citations in the body of the paper and the full citations of all sources in the References section of the paper according to APA format. Remember that not all journals listed in the various available databases are nursing journals. (The journal articles are what is going to help you answer the questions below)

A.You should answer these questions in the review of literature – these three categories are headers:

  • Why is this diagnosis a health problem for this community? target group?
  • What are the current nursing interventions for this problem?
  • What interventions have been successful and what interventions have NOT been successful?

Part II: Nursing Process: Planning

3.Planning: Give the plan a title – this title must be consistent on the title page, on the second page, and here.

4.Short Term Goal: List 2 short term goals (one for each of the identified priority nursing diagnoses from your Community Assessment Part 2: each with the time frame targeted before the end of the semester so by December, 2021). Remember that education is a strategy not an outcome or goal. Consider: What do you want to change? Are you seeking a quantitative change in disease morbidity or a qualitative change in social norms or attitudes? Defining your specific goals and objectives will help focus the strategies. Remember this has to be something that a nurse is capable of addressing at a community level.

5.Measurable Objectives: Write three mea

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