Nursing Question

Mr George walker is 81 yrs old lives with his wife in a bungalow. Mr walker was diagnosed with COPD 10 years ago. He was a chain smoker started from age 17, smoking 20/30 cigarettes per day. Due to his condition has progressively worsened over the past few years and now he requires oxygen therapy at home too. He did quit his smoking 7 yrs ago.

He was bought in hospital by paramedics due to difficulty in breathing. On arrival he was tachyponeic, respiratory rates 32 and was found to have audible wheezes and continuous cough and temperatures of 37.9. HR-123 and BG 4.4ml and sats scoring 88%. Although some of his observation was not normal but for COPD patient it was consider as normal.

On medical history he has got DVT, HTN,COPD and depression with no known allergy. As a NA his observation was taken every 30 mins prior and was recorded. Doctors on duty and nurse in charge was informed and he was immediately put on iv paracetamol, antibiotic and inhaler with steroid to reduce the risk of flare ups.

Chest x-rays where requested and even his covid swap was requested as he came up with high temperature and Blood gas was also requested. His Xray report came as infection but the covid result came negative which was good infected was put on 2ltr of oxygen therapy and his wife was included in decision making as well as he was referred to specialist

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