Nursing role and scope DQ 13 student reply

    October 10, 2022

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The world of nursing has changed progressively. Nurses are continuously undertaking tasks that put the at the center of patient care as educators, managers and leaders (Masters, 2020). The models for patient care although different, have some aspects in common and those are the use of nursing process, communication within the interdisciplinary group and relationship between the nurse and patient (Masters, 2020).
One of the models of nursing care delivery is team nursing. Team nursing is comprised of a group of professionals including nurses who take complete care of the patient. This is usually seen in hospitals, acute care or long-term care centers (Masters, 2020). This approach is effective because one group is subdivided, and everyone accomplishes a different task with the supervision of a registered nurse. Team nursing revolves around good communication, appropriate delegation and the ability to solve problems (Masters, 2020).
Case Management centers around a care plan that involves an interdisciplinary group and the evaluation of the outcomes stated in the care plan, all this while assessing the cost and managing the quality of care (Masters, 2020). Case managers oversee a patient starting with the time they are admitted to when they are discharged. The case manager communicates with different disciplines to assess and suggest different pathways to accomplish a goal.
A model that has been around since the 1920s is Total Patient Care. As the word implies this model oversees the whole patient. A registered nurse develops a care plan in which she is solely the one responsible for every intervention (Masters, 2020). While this model is less cost effective as the others it also requires nurses to be experts in this role, however it assures continuity of care and amplifies communication.
Question 2
Teams in the healthcare setting are extremely beneficial for patient’s care and outcomes. Their input and different expertise benefits problem solving, coordination of care and outcomes (Kreps, 2017). Effective communication between different disciplines is often a challenge due to different training, backgrounds and involvement in the situation (Kreps, 2017).
There are many ways to communicate effectively however, research has proven that the SBAR method used in most settings is highly reliable (Masters, 2020). This model describes the situation, background, assessment and recommendation. Using a standard form of communication ensures all pertinent details are passed from person to person.
Another method often used is the CUS. This stands for concern, an area a nurse feels needs special attention in the patient’s care, uncomfortable describes why the nurse feels that way and safety describe whether the nurse perceives it is a risk to the patient’s health (Masters, 2020). As a patient advocate nurses must always bring to attention any discrepancy in care to prevent further complications. This method is effective and concise.
 Question 3
Working as a team means putting together individual effort while upholding patient’s best interest. Teamwork centers around communication, professionalism and respect (Masters, 2020). Maintaining these qualities reduces the likelihood of error in patient care.
Communication is a key element to fostering positive atmosphere. It is essential for team members to be able to exchange meaningful information and express concerns when necessary. Providing feedback that is honest and reliable proves to enhance communication (Anonymous, 2001).
Respect and professionalism are key elements to maintaining and developing teamwork. It is important to respect and maintain boundaries while interacting effectively with patients and families as well as coworkers. This promotes positive outcomes as well as a productive nurse-patient relationship (Masters, 2020).
Kreps, G (2017). Communication and Effective Interprofessional Health Care Teams. International Archives of Nursing and Health Care. Retrieved from
Masters, K. (2020). Role development in professional nursing practice (5th ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones

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