OL-322 SNHU Week 5 Discussion:

Can you think of a position within your organization that could be eliminated? If you can’t think of one to be eliminated, can you think of one that could be added? You can be creative, but substantiate your argument. Students are encouraged to post multiple times to keep the discussion going.

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No one ever wants to think about eliminating a job and putting someone out of work. Adding a position is always a much happier thought but not always a reality. At the beginning of the year my company, through-out the seven different plants, eliminated 10 different positions. Now with theCovid-19 situation there is concern again with maintaining our personnel. Even though we are considered an essential business, and can remain open during the stay-at-home order, we are again faced with the decision of whether other position(s) should be eliminated. Rather than eliminate a position now, my company has taken a third option. The senior management team all took a 30% pay deduction. The salary employees were divided into three categories: Full-time, Part-time, or furloughed. Each week the staff is updated as to their status. The part-time choice is reducing our work time and salary by 30%. Furloughed would be not

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