January 4, 2023

MHW-642 Topic 4: Omar Case Study

Omar, a 15-year-old biracial male, has been diagnosed with Autism Disorder, Level I (Asperger’s Syndrome). Omar was adopted as an infant into a family of a different race. Anna, his sister, is the biological child of the family. His adoptive mother does not want to accept that Omar is different than their five-year old daughter, Anna, and has placed him in the neighborhood public school system. Recently, Omar started struggling socially. He has not made friends and has been bullied by some students in his class. Omar’s adoptive father recognizes that his son some has some challenges and wants to be supportive, so he has scheduled a meeting with Omar’s principal about a possible Independent Education Plan for Omar, but Omar’s mom fears this will be a stigma that he will not recover from. Omar’s mother is concerned that the father places too much emphasis on Anna and sees Omar’s challenges as being related to the fact that he is adopted.

Omar enjoys playing with his x-box and plays games on his iPad, too. He is bothered when in crowds at school and at church. Omar’s mother tries to fill in the gap and plays video games with him after work. Since going to the movies does not bother Omar, he enjoys watching the Suicide Squad, Ant-Man, Captain American, and related type movies. His mother takes him to see these Superhero movies. He excels in math but does not do well in English or Social Studies. Omar has no interest in participating in or watching any sport events. This lack of interest in sports causes a barrier between Omar and his father, a former college football star. Anna, however, enjoys playing soccer and watching football and basketball with her dad.

Omar does not like to socialize outside of his immediate family. He has difficulty socializing even when interacting with extended family such as cousins, aunts, and uncles. Because he struggles socially at school, his school attendance has suffered, and he is having difficulty completing his schoolwork. His parents feel the bullying situation may be getting worse.

Omar’s parents have contacted your agency for help supporting Omar with his diagnosis of being on the spectrum.

Citing two to four scholarly sources, answer the following prompts about Omar’s case:
Explain some of the challenges Omar’s parents experience. (50-75 words)  
Explain some of the cultural influences on Omar’s parents. (50-75 words)  
Describe the impact of society on Omar’s parents. (50-75 words)  
Imagine you have been asked to assist Omar’s family. Use your state and local public health resources to list two or more services for the following needs: Parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: 1. 2. Parents dealing with bullying: 1. 2. Developing social skills in adolescents: 1. 2. Providing diverse faith-based supports: 1. 2.
What might be used to help Omar improve his social skills, writing skills, and reading comprehension? (75-100 words)  
Recommend ways his parents can help Omar set limits with technology. (50-75 words)  
Explain how overuse of technology might create mental health problems for Omar. (75-100 words)  

Please remember to use APA formatting when listing your scholarly sources below.


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