only for experttuttor PICO As evidence base research nursing

    October 10, 2022

need experienced tuttor with PICO Evidence Base Pratice Nursing research for an assignement divided in 4 parts and a final power point ,beside the power point the research has to be done in APA format with between 10 and 15 pages excluding the title and reference .
the powe point has to be related to the use as a tool of the PICO guideline for the research and how helpful was for me (topic for the power point can be change )
-feedback will be provided for parts 1 , 2 , 3  and 4 prior the next submission with a weekly due date ,all revisions from a previous part of the paper should be highlighted in yellow prior to the next submission.
-first part due date is tomorrow night 

Topic : benefits of IM testosterone replacement therapy over the topical testosterone in adult male over 39 yo with Diagnosis of lower testosterone syndrome 

first part content : due date tuesaday 14/11  800pm
-tilte page
-clearly stated importance of the topic 
-clearly stated PICO(s) question guiding the project 
-reference list (if needed )

second part content : due date  tuesday nov 21 
over the feedback provided in the first part
-title page 
-descriotion of the research topic and backgroung information
-significance of the topic to nursing practice 
-purpose of the EVidence Base Practice project 
-part 1 with revision highlighted 
-reference list 

third part content  due date november 27  800pm
 EBP Project Part III –
– Presentation of a literature summary table  Page length: 2-4 pages (excluding title page, parts I

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