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Operational supervisory

1.Planning and preparing various activity statistical reports, analyzing periodic key performance indicators, and engaging in operational performance review related to in-the filed security personnel.

2. Conducting analytical ranking process of qualified nominates for engaging in job related courses in-Kingdome and out of Kingdome, operational supervisory coverages level, and critical areas personnel assignments.

3. participation in performing weekly operational excellence and field compliance report to division heads level in accordance with work directions as well as specific performance standards and policies.

4.Corddiniting and allocating of available and oncoming human and metalized resources based on various operational functional areas requirements.

5. Frequent correspondence in facilitating local events requests, handling security related routine inquires, and communicating basic information to effected parties as required.



















Successful candidate is expected to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Functional HR Support: Supports the key processes in their assigned area performing such duties as the distribution, follow-up, and the

close-out of documents, forms, and applications for personnel actions. Processes personnel actions through the SAP system.




2. Records Management: Maintains and updates all confidential personnel records within their functional area of responsibility. Ensures the

accuracy and completeness of all documents, forms, and requests submitted.







Reviews historical data of Storehouse materials issues, allocations and materials returns and makes analysis of data for use in

recommending inventory levels.


In addition, performs a wide variety of clerical and administrative duties.


Prepares various statistical reports, data preparation and summaries using financial, planning and programs, statistical or other

reference data as source material.


perform analytical ranking of qualified nominates for engaging in job related courses in-Kingdome and out of Kingdome , supervisory coverages level, and critical areas assignments.

Handles routine inquires, replies to verbal and written requests for information over the phone, through Email, CRM and

IVR systems. Communicates basic information to effected parties as required


Saudi Aramco: Company General Use

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