Organizational Ethics

    September 17, 2022

Pick an organization to analyze, one that has available information regarding its ethical conduct. The sources for this analysis are found in both public documents that define the organization and popular press where current events are discussed. Use the questions on the Self-Assessment found on pp. 279 ? 280 and Chapter 9 in our text as a guide for your analysis. Additional guidance is found in the following grading criteria for this paper. The paper is 4-6 pages in length.Grading Criteria for the Organizational Ethical Analysis Paper10 Points:  Overview of the organization selected30 Points: Analysis of Core Values30 Points: Analysis of Mission/purpose statement30 Points: Analysis of Code of Ethics30 Points: Analysis of the Organizational Structure30 Points: Analysis of the Reward and Performance Evaluation Systems30 Points: Analysis of the Reporting and Communication Systems30 Points: Analysis of the Informal Elements30 Points: Overall impression: APA Style, quality of writing, 4 ? 6 pages in length <

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