Padma liable to Padma for assault

    November 1, 2022

do… BbCcDc AaBbC( AaBbCcE Aa B AaBbCCD AaBbCCD( o Spac… Heading 1 Heading 2 AaBbCCD: AaBbCcD: AaBbCCD( A Subtle E Emphasis Intense E… Strong Styles Padma hates Vidal. One day Padma sees Vidal riding his horse on the bridle path. Padma runs up to Vidal and kicks Vidal’s horse in the leg. The horse’s leg is bruised but will heal so Vidal decides to avoid riding the horse for a while. Discuss Padma’s liability to Vidal, if any, for intentional torts. Padma v Vidal 1. Issue: Is Padma liable to Padma for assault? 2. Rule: Assault- The rule for assault an actor is liable for assault if the person voluntary act that intentionally causes reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact to another that is directly or indirectly results. 1) Volitional Act- Volitional act means voluntary, or done by an act of will Facts A) Padma sees Vidal riding his horse and intentionally run up to Vidal B) Therefore, this fact statement satisfies the element of volitional act in assault Intent-is when the defendant desires the result or is substantially certain the result will occur Facts A) Padma runs up to Vidal and kicks Vidal’s horse in the leg B) You could infer if Vidal had prior knowledge of Padma hatred towards him and saw him running up he could interpret within a reasonable certainty that he wanted to committed either a harmful or offensive contact C) Therefore, without knowing the prior relationship between the two it would be Elliott BLA Med S – Word a want to do ON ABBbeadx AaBbCe AaBbect Aab AaBbCCC AcabCCD ABDCCD

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