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The instructional shift in education has led to new experiences for educators due to the inception of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Its differentiation between the technological uses in different periods has affected teaching, with educators striving to catch up with the new methods to enhance their teaching practices (Rapanta et al., 2020). The problem of professional practice at The Community School located in an urban area is the gap between the digital learning teachers are required to integrate into the classrooms and the current knowledge teachers have about online education, which has become a pedagogical requirement since the Covid-19 Pandemic. Comment by Reviewer: My suggestion would be to move this up in the section. Open with the problem of practice. Then situate it within the organizational context.

The paper will reflect on the Community School and analyze the gaps between the integrated use of technology required to meet today’s educational needs and the actual use of technology in the classroom before the Covid-19 Pandemic, combined with the current use after returning to face-to-face classroom instruction. The problem of practice has created a gap with educators acquiring updated training to utilize instructional strategies or the resistance to change in the technological application and the interchangeable use of technology of teaching practices both in person or virtually that enhances digital education transition (Careaga-Butter et al., 2020).

The process involves creating lessons assessments and using technology to instruct and administer assessments. The instructional experience differs from March 2020 before the Covid-19 Pandemic, where education utilized instructional strategies that assisted learners with face-to-face learning procedures (Lawless & Pellegrino, 2009). Educators must master the content to prevent confusion and other issues that would arise due to the changes in teaching practices.


Action Plan for the Community School

As the end to pandemic remote learning comes into sight, educators must begin imagining which new teaching strategies and practices to continue to develop long after face masks are obsolete. Adapting to remote and hybrid teaching and learning has inspired educators to focus on what is most important (Daniel, 2020). The action plan for the Community School is to train educators to integrate technology into the classroom since the Covid 19 Pandemic in a permanent platform. Comment by Reviewer: Please add citations.

Purpose of the Project

According to Arora and Srinivasan (2020), the pandemic has led to significant challenges in education across the globe. The purpose of the project is to implement a professional development initiative to provide technology-based instructional strategies to educators. Practicing educators were challenged because of numerous learning complications caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the shift in instructional practices, affecting how educators apply technical skills to instruct students (Midcalf & Boatwright, 2020). Therefore, the problem represents the importance and urgent need to elaborate effective technologies into current and future teaching practices that ensure educators are conversant with the shift from virtual to face-to-face instruction in learning technology. Comment by Reviewer: Please add citations. Comment by Reviewer: Perhaps rephrase: The purpose of the project…to train teachers in technology-based instructional strategies. Comment by Cyrisse Allen: I definitely agree with this rewording. Comment by Reviewer: I believe this sentence was used above. Please rephrase. Focus on why this AIP is important and potentially transformative for teachers, schools and learning communities. Comment by Cyrisse Allen: You are correct. I moved it to the portion of the paper and failed to erase it.

Many sources have proposed a need to assist adult learners with a different learning approach that is convenient, interactive, and affordable (Daniel, 2020). The introduction of technology in learning provides learners with an opportunity to continue with their education at the comfort of their homes. This project aims to propose the need for training the educators to integrate technology into the classroom during the period before and after the pandemic.

Participants and Stakeholders Comment by Reviewer: In this section, please describe the role of the participants in one subsection (you can create level headings). With whom will you collaborate to design, implement, and evaluate the PD intervention? For stakeholders, describe who would be impacted by the intervention, how and why.

The role of training educators in the use of technology involves the action of different stakeholders. For the project’s success, stakeholders such as academic interventionists (AI), paraprofessionals, educators, principals, and central office administrators, must be engaged (Efriana, 2021).

Academic Interventionist

Professional development initiative (PDI) training for academic interventionists (AI) also referred to as a tutor cannot be underlined enough, as it gives the AI a theoretical and practical education on the nuances of teaching students how to accomplish the greatest potential. Without this PDI training, the AI will not be in a position to provide proper guidance and that will affect the foundation of the education being built


The paraprofessionals work with the prekindergarten, kindergarten, and exceptional student education ESE learners of The Community School. As a stakeholder, the paraprofessional will gain training using technology that is designed for practical classroom sessions as an integral part of the teaching students, with each paraprofessional being mentored for making the classroom teaching sessions more engaging and interesting for the benefit of the student learners.


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