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1. Interventions/treatment

· The viral pinkeye does not need any medication

· The bacterial pinkeye is treated with ointment or eye droplets

2. Possible nursing diagnosis

· Checking the specific infection affecting the eye

· Identifying burning eyes

· Increased anxiety with red eyes

3. Sign and symptoms

· Eye irritation

· Eye tearing

· Eye redness

· Eye discomfort

4. Nursing Interventions

· Putting some droplets in the kid’s eye

· Using a antibiotic ointment

· Administering ibuprofen to the kid



5. Risk factors

· Allergies

· A women having an STD during pregnancy

· Exposing the child to areas with lots of bacteria

6. Pathophysiology

The infected eye shows through an inflammation that is swollen and red. The conjunctiva shows and this is the clear membrane seen in the part where the eye is white. It remains this way if not treated for a while before it ends with medication administered or just ends naturally.

7. Complications

· A scaring in the child’s eye if the conjunctivitis is caused by allergic reactions

· It can aggravate to cause different conditions such as meningitis

8. Diagnostic Procedure

· Administering the medicine using eye droplets

· Rubbing the eye area with the ointment

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