Pathophysiology DQ 13 student reply Lourdes marrero

    October 10, 2022

 The following is another student post to wish i have to react. Please add some other information. relate to the question but different from the student post. remember APA and similarity. 

Sixty-two–year-old James White is accompanied to the clinic today by his wife and son. James has had increasing problems with his memory for the past several months and has rapid mood swings for no apparent reason. His wife says that “he’ll go outside in the garden without his clothes on, and his speech is difficult to understand.” His son reports that at times James flaps his arms a lot and notices that he is unable to cut his food or tie his shoes. James was diagnosed with heart failure approximately 6 months ago.

a. How would you explain to the White family what is occurring with James?
I would explain that heart failure is when the heart is not pumping adequate amount of blood carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the body. Heart failure is a progressive disease with risk factor for cognitive impairment as seen with James case (Witt, Rotter, Stearns, Gottesman, Kucharska-Newton,

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